Industry Team Up for Color Management in 3D Printing

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3D Meets 2D Printing: Graphic Arts Industry and 3D Printing Industry form Working Group initiated by Fogra and Fraunhofer IGD – Invitation/Welcome to Rapid.Tech/FabCon 3.D

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Team Work: 3D Generation, 3D Scan4You, 4D Concepts, AK-Köster, Barbieri, BasICColor, CGS, Diged, DOOB, Stratasys, Youlittle and ZBS. Excused/absent: 3D Systems, AK-Köster, Autodesk, Betzdruck, Caldera, Canto, Formwerk, GMG, hp, HQ Color, EFI, Mimaki, Print Your Mind, Ricoh, Trindo and Voxeljet, hosted by Fogra and Fraunhofer, featured by 3DION.

3DION – The Network assisted Fogra and Fraunhofer inviting to the first meeting of the working group color management for 3D printing on June 1st in Darmstadt at Fraunhofer.

Many employees from the two dimensional and three dimensional printing industry participated, enabling constructive and futile discussions.

The next meeting will be held at Fogra in Munich. Details to follow.

Technical information: https://fogra.org/index.php?menuid=694&reporeid=438&getlang=en

References of test objects: http://www-old.igd.fraunhofer.de/en/Institut/Abteilungen/Digitalisierung-von-Kulturerbe

First Meeting initiated by Fogra and Fraunhofer IGD.



Warm Welcome by Dr. Philipp Troester, Fogra.


Welcome and Agenda by Dr. Philipp Urban, Fraunhofer.


Came all the way from Israel: Color Manager Yoav Bessler from Stratasys, here with Dr. Phil.





Please drop by at Rapid.Tech/FabCon 3.D (Erfurt, June 20th to 22nd, hall 2, 813) for a talk with our friends and partners from AK-Koester, Canto, Fogra and Roland DG.

3DION and partners AK Koester, Canto, Fogra and Roland DG invite you to cocktails with or without color.

No color:
– Safe Drive
– Kick It

With color:
– CANTOrinha
– 3DION Killer
– Koester Sunrise
– ROLAND Twist
– FOGRA Breeze
– FUNKY Erfurt


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