3DION unveiled 3D printing advances for production at FESPA 2015

Mai 29th, 2015 | Posted by Sheldon S. Nazaré in News | Presse | Veranstaltungen

Visitors at FESPA 2015 had the chance to learn more about 3D printing opportunities and developments thanks to non-profit 3D industry initiative, 3DION.

FESPA_3DION_Dream_Team3D initiative 3Dion brought the 2D and 3D printing industry together at FESPA 2015 to demonstrate to delegates the opportunities available in expanding their production to include 3D printing.

3Dion member companies including Stratasys, 3D Systems, Makerbot and Roland DG showed a wide range of products and services during the show.

FESPA divisional divisional director Roz McGuinness said: “At this year´s FESPA, you can see the leading purveyors of 3D print armed with examples and samples to show how the technology has moved forward. It’s also supported by a ‚lunch and learn‘ session for those that really want to drill down a bit deeper into what’s happening with 3D.”

“At FESPA 2015 visitors can explore the business opportunities of adding 3D to an established print service offering.”

3Dion was launched to help the continuously growing number of people coming from many different industries to understand the vision of 3D printing.

It serves manufacturers, service providers, dealers and users by offering education and training free of charge, consulting services in B2B and B2C and also on 3DION’s website and social media platforms.

Sheldon Nazaré, founder of 3Dion, explained these new developments at the show and why they could be changing the industry.

“The FESPA 3D Print Showcase should be a ‘must-see’ for every visitor at FESPA 2015, whether it’s a printer seriously considering to expand the company’s service offering, or someone merely curious about 3D printing and the opportunities it represents.¨

¨We are focused on helping commercial customers connect the digital thread from design through prototyping to the production of final parts. We want to support these customers’ efforts whether they are in-house, through a service bureau or both.¨

¨It turns out that making 3D printing faster, offering consistent and predictable mechanical properties and differentiated materials is appealing across a range of industries, some of which include automotive, aerospace, industrial goods, personalized medicine, and many more.¨

Regarding how 3D printing might impact printing business, Nazaré said that what we’re going to see in the next couple of years is going to be very, very interesting in terms of many industries having to think differently about their businesses because this technology does disrupt the design and creative process.

¨I think it’s bringing an innovation cycle back into many businesses that need some refreshing.¨

Thomas Meurers of 3Dion concluded: “Any print service provider concerned with the future of their business should therefore ensure that they’re up to date with 3D printing and what it potentially offers – especially when it comes to prototyping. They can find all of this information on our stand at FESPA 2015.”



3DION Dream Team@FESPA 2015

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